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Northern Valley Regional Referendum Information

International Torrance Legacy Creativity Competition Honorees
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Congratulations to Mr. Vaghasia who was sworn in as a trustee for Northern Valley Board of Education
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Thank you to our retiring Board Members for their years of dedicated service, Mr. Mat Ross, President and Mr. G.C. Vaghasia.
Matt Ross & GC
Matt Ross & Raupers
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Norwood Public School
Winter Concert 2015
 Go Math Academy Instructions
Dear Parent or Guardian,
We have purchased access to Go Math! AcademyTM, a supplemental online resource for your child to use for math practice at home .
To activate your school-sponsored subscription to Go Math! Academy:
2. Enter this access code on the site: 3KTntHZz
This code will give your child access from 10/15/2014to 10/15/2015. Please keep this code private. Sharing will reduce the number of subscriptions available to our students. Thank You 
GoMath Login Instructions

1.     Go to

2.     Select your state, district, and school

(District: Norwood Public School District, Norwood 07648 School: Norwood Elementary School, Norwood 07648)

3.     To make it easier to login later, check Remember My Organization (optional)

4.     Enter your username and password

5.     Click Login


To log in use your child’s first and last name (no caps or spaces) ex: suesmith as the username, then the password is Norwood.



Once logged in, the student welcome page will appear. Things to Do displays a list of assignments and their due dates. My Test Scores shows your child’s progress in assignments. My Library gives you access to the online version of the text, as well as many other materials the teacher has made available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at extension 60027
Impact of a Child's Exposure to Media Violence
The Board of Education authorizes the use of electronic surveillance monitoring devices in the school building and on school grounds. Therefore, the school building and school grounds within this school district may be monitored using such devices in accordance with Board Policy.

Standards Based Report Cards